I am a Painter, Illustrator, and art director living and
working in Brooklyn, NY.

contact: Sdarbenzio@gmail.com

Steven D’Arbenzio Artist Bio

1988 Secaucus, NJ
Currently living and working in Brooklyn, NYC

2011 – Fine Arts BFA, School of Visual Arts, New York, NY (Graduated with honors)
2009 – Fine Arts BFA, Semester Abroad, SACI (Studio Arts Center International), Florence, Italy

Solo Exhibition History

2013 – Modca Café/Gallery, "Zombies and Ghosts," Brooklyn, NY

2011 – The Greenpoint Gallery, "Family portraits," Brooklyn, NY

Group Exhibition History

2013 – Scope Art Fair (Art Basel week), " Bombay Sapphire Artisan Series," Miami, FL
2013 – RUSH Gallery, "Bombay Sapphire Artisan Series Finalists Exhibition," New York, NY (Named Winner of the New York Show)
2012 – Germania Schwaben Club, "DAS ART II group show," Bridgeport, CT
2012 – Arts in Bushwick, Pop up venue, "Heaven group show," Brooklyn, NY
2011 – Germania Schwaben Club, "DAS ART group show," Bridgeport, CT
2011 – School of Visual Arts, " Senior Thesis Show," New York, NY
2010 – Arts in Bushwick, Pop up venue, "Make yourself at home," Brooklyn, NY
2010 – G2 Avenue A Gallery, "Painting & Drawing show," New York, NY
2009 – SACI Gallery (Studio Arts Center International), "thesis show," Florence, Italy

2009 – C.A.M. Gallery, "For Rose Garden Group Show," Istanbul, turkey

Juried Show History

2010 – The Greenpoint gallery, “Small works show”, Brooklyn, NY (Awarded Best in show)

Charity Show History

2011 – The Greenpoint Gallery, “kill the cancer monster” Angelina Sforza cancer benefit, Brooklyn, NY

Current work
I am currently working on a series of works that are inspired by hidden pain, and inner struggle. Life is really good at making us bury inside the things that cause us pain. We all have secrets, tragedies, painful memories, and “ghosts” that we keep hidden inside. At the same time, the world does not stop turning for any of us, it doesn’t want to hear our problems. We all do our best to keep looking straight and moving forward, while inside there is chaos and inside there is pain. These pieces illustrate a struggle most of us face. I work mainly in acrylics, and use a tedious layering technique that allows me to achieve the highest level of detail and realism. I am particularly drawn to portraiture. I find that painting the human face never gets old. When you look at skin, if you look close, you will see an abundance of color, and texture, which is so exciting and satisfying to paint. I usually use people I know for my portraits. I find that painting people that I love or care about, adds an emotional aspect to the paintings both for me, and the viewer.
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